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Side 1 vs Side 2
Settle this cat debate that will blow your mind.
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Side 2

Side 1 Statement

This picture of a cat is much better. Look at his red outfiit. So regal and elegant.

Side 2 Statement

This cat is so serious. Look at that face. You can't mess with that.

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5 Responses

Raeanne / 2 years ago

I think cat # 2 is more inspiring. This cat looks like he is carrying a heavy mental load. Also, his attire looks military-esque, which could help with sparking ideas for your writing. Lastly, I like ...

Fudge / 2 years ago

Looks like General Mee ow!

Fun / 2 years ago

He's sooooo cute!!

Bruce / 2 years ago

Both are great, but side 2 is Showeeeet!

Kurtis / 2 years ago

Please help me settle this! I'm deciding on which oil painting to write about!