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The Winner of this case is Kim.

Congratulation and thanks to Kim, Kara and all of the Jurors for participating in the Should tampons and pads be free for women? Funjury case.

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Funtiff: Kim

Kim vs Kara
Should tampons and pads be free for women?
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Defundant: Kara

Funtiff Opening Statement

Tampons/pads should not be free for women. Yes, menstruation is something women cannot control but so are many other things. We cannot control that we get hungry. Should food be free?

Defundant Opening Statement

Blood blood everywhere - people getting sick and spreading diseases because blood is everywhere. WHY?!? Because not everyone can afford a $10 box of tampons and some ladies have heavy periods. ITS NOT OKAY TO CHARGE this much!!!!!! Women get them every month and can't control this - it should accessible FOR FREE.

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4 Responses

Kurtis / 2 years ago

WHO'S GONNA PAY FOR IT? Liberals are ridiculous.

Raeanne / 2 years ago

I believe that there are resources (i.e. shelters, health clinics) for people who are unable to purchase menstrual products. Now, should these resources be more prevalent? I don't know! I'm not certai...

Fun / 2 years ago

Should be low cost by a commercial enterprise, Lets invent a cheep solution' and make a bloody billion!

Bruce / 2 years ago

I agree, Nothing is free, these would have to be paid for by others.