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The Winner of this case is Fudge.

Congratulation and thanks to Fudge, Fun and all of the Jurors for participating in the Popular Vote vs. the Electoral Vote Funjury case.

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Funtiff: Fudge

Fudge vs Fun
Popular Vote vs. the Electoral Vote
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Defundant: Fun

Funtiff Opening Statement

The Electoral College!!! Creating the Electoral College became the compromise between those who favored a popular vote and those who favored allowing Congress to determine the president. Furthermore, instituting the Electoral College addressed one additional concern—the need to provide equity between states with large and small populations. By granting each state a number of electors equal to its representatives in Congress (which differs by state) and Senators (which is two, the same for each state), they hoped that more populous states would not exercise too much power in electing the president. Therefore, even a very small state is provided a minimum number of three electors.

Defundant Opening Statement

The Popular Vote is the way to go now. We use email not the pony express!!! Times, they are a changin' When all Muricans are on Funjury, we'll use this the to elect the POTUS!!

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Defundant's Evidence  

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Kurtis / 2 years ago

Popular vote.